8 Benefits of Cloud Surveillance Systems

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Video surveillance on the cloud, simply put, means all video you record is cloud-based and is accessed through the Internet. In the past, video surveillance systems were primarily used to deter crime. Nowadays, however, there is a wide range of applications. They include proactive monitoring, the observer of health and safety protocols, and protection against false claims and fraud, among others.

The video surveillance services we deliver need to evolve along with the changing needs of our customers. Discover why a cloud-based video surveillance system can be both the right and most cost-effective choice for you and your customers in the following paragraphs.

 Benefits of cloud video surveillance for security  professionals

Choosing the cloud as a security solution means a win-win for both your customers and yourself. Let’s start by discussing the benefits of cloud video surveillance for you as a security professional.  

  1. Lower risk of data loss 

Cloud video surveillance systems save video footage automatically through cloud storage, bypassing the limitations of physical recorders. As a result, if the recorders are damaged, or if they malfunction or fail in any way, the video footage can still be accessed since it is backed up in the cloud.  Additionally, some cloud providers offer local storage.  

2. Monitoring the health of a system 

Cloud video surveillance systems alert you to any issues with the video feeds or other components of the system sooner. Traditional video surveillance systems can also be used for this, but it is far more complex. Cloud Video Surveillance Systems Riverside CA you and your customers to immediately be informed if a camera goes down, thereby reducing downtime and increasing security. As a result, remote health checks are becoming increasingly important in the Covid-19 world, as getting to the site can be challenging.

3. Recurring monthly revenue stream

Cloud video surveillance provides security professionals with the ability to generate new streams of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for their businesses. As a Videoloft partner, you’ll have the opportunity to white-label your video for free. Aside from the RMR opportunity, Videoloft can also eliminate the hassle of monthly subscription billing. Therefore, iWatcher Plus Cloud Video Surveillance Systems can manage your customers’ recurring payments and pay your commission at each renewal if that is your preference. You may also be invoiced for the wholesale price by Videoloft, and your customers will receive a charge.

 4. Allowing customers to request offsite storage

In addition, you can make cloud backup available to your customers upon request. Customers are beginning to recognize the benefits of the cloud when it comes to security. Cloud video surveillance providers like iWatcher Plus Cloud Video Surveillance Systems CA offer a variety of features, such as video analytics,  which can turn even basic CCTV systems into intelligent ones. Cloud computing is becoming more in demand, so you’ll likely be asked for it more often. Thus, the earlier you include it, the better.

 Benefits of cloud video surveillance for your customers

Cloud video surveillance also has many advantages for end-users as well as for security professionals. Let’s look at the most common examples.

 5. Remote access to all footage from a centralized location 

Cloud surveillance is convenient for customers because of its flexibility. From a smartphone, users can access live feeds as well as recorded video. From anywhere and at any time, they can access the footage at any time. Your customers can always monitor their cameras from anywhere, which is not only convenient for them but also reassuring. Playback of the video footage captured by the cameras is also made easy by cloud surveillance. Mobile users can download, share or replay motion events straight from the app. 

 6. Mobile applications that provide real-time alerts

You can alert your customers instantly if motion is detected on any of their cameras when using a cloud video surveillance system. Users can also set up zones for motion detection and adjust the sensitivity of cameras. Additionally, they can set up schedules for when cameras will record and when alerts will occur. Customers will also appreciate being able to control their cameras remotely using their smartphones.

 7. Scalability and flexibility 

Cloud-based video surveillance is more flexible than traditional security systems. The retention period can be easily changed if your customer requires more storage. According to their storage needs, it is as simple as upgrading (or downgrading) their plan. Additionally, cloud-based systems do not require extensive on-premise equipment. Hence, they are by their nature more scalable, and no complex installation is needed.

 8. Improved cybersecurity

It is actually quite the opposite of the common misconception that the cloud is not secure. Firstly, cloud video surveillance doesn’t require port forwarding, so a big security risk is eliminated. A service provider updates a cloud system continuously, whereas hardware is outdated when it leaves a factory. Cloud Surveillance System Riverside CA providers will be responsible for implementing additional security measures. Both you and your customer can rest assured that the footage is secure while in transit and at rest.