What is Live Video Monitoring and How Does It Protect My Business

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An Introduction to Live Video Monitoring Services

A live video monitoring service takes care of all your business’s video surveillance needs from installation to implementation. Businesses that offer live video security monitoring services work closely with their commercial clients, developing video surveillance systems that meet their needs and budget. The video surveillance systems are then installed and monitored live. A live monitoring security service means threats are detected and responded to immediately. When companies respond faster, they are more likely to catch any perpetrators posing a threat.

In addition to helping catch criminals in the act, video surveillance is an important crime-prevention tool. Criminals have a much greater tendency to shift their focus to a target that has softer characteristics if they see your cameras. Business owners don’t have to worry about security needs, because video monitoring services protect so they can focus on the tasks that matter most to them.

Using Live Video Monitoring in Retail

Retailers like your business can reduce losses and protect their bottom lines by using video monitoring services to monitor their stores more effectively than on-site security guards. Additionally, video monitoring services offer better detection of shoplifters and dishonest employees than unmanned surveillance cameras, which are available in real-time. Criminals are much more difficult to track after they have left a store if they haven’t been caught as soon as they have committed a crime.

Monitoring services can detect a retail practice known as sweethearting that goes unnoticed by both managers and security personnel. There is a trend of retail employees discounting goods for the benefit of their family members and friends to avoid being scanned. With a live video monitoring system, you can detect such behavior at the moment it occurs, so you can take action immediately.

Retail inventory isn’t the only thing that video monitoring services protect. They can also keep your customers safe while they shop. Video monitoring can detect threats to shoppers, like kidnappings, assaults, and flash robberies as they happen, allowing you to respond quickly. Security guards cannot keep track of the entire area at all times in large retail spaces, such as shopping malls. Investing in video surveillance systems for retail shops can protect the reputation of your business by protecting shoppers.

Using Live Video Monitoring for Car Dealerships

In the United States, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds. Due to the high risk of automobile theft, American auto dealerships like yours need to protect their assets with the best possible security tools. With video monitoring, you can get an edge against vehicle theft by detecting suspicious behavior that deserves investigation before a crime takes place. As a result, you can be proactive and intervene before a criminal can remove one of your cars from your lot.

It is especially difficult for car dealerships to protect their stock after hours since, unlike other sales-based businesses, they cannot move their stock inside. Video monitoring services are unique in that they offer 24-hour services, making sure someone is watching over your stock until you return home in the evening.

The use of Live Video Monitoring Service Riverside CA is often a more cost-effective and reliable option than employing extra security at night on-site. Moreover, security guards’ jobs also place them at risk. If they are attacked, you are responsible for any costs related to their medical treatment. It’s a smart security move to use a live remote monitoring solution instead of shouldering that burden.

Using Live Video Monitoring for Construction

The equipment and materials of construction companies are often kept outdoors, just as in car dealerships. When stored outdoors, these valuable items can be damaged or lost. This can help reduce the risk of vandalism and theft by monitoring these items’ live. Using live video monitoring services, police can be contacted in real-time as criminals strike, enhancing the probability that they will be apprehended, recovered, and ultimately convicted.

The implementation of real-time video surveillance can significantly reduce the likelihood of criminals entering your site at all. During the night, when construction sites are dimly lit, they become dangerous places. Depending on the circumstances, you could be liable if an intruder is injured on your job site. Your construction company’s budget and reputation could be severely affected if you have to pay medical bills and other expenses.

Using Live Video Monitoring for Critical Infrastructure

Companies across the country lose approximately $1 billion each year as a result of metal theft from electrical power plants, transit systems, and other critical infrastructure businesses. The costs that critical infrastructure businesses face are staggering, but they’re not even the highest. Whenever criminals steal metal, they damage property. Repairing this damage can be expensive and may even interrupt services, resulting in an even greater financial loss.

Your critical infrastructure firm stands to lose so much because metal theft damages it so often. To address this issue, you need to implement the right security measures. Criminals are deterred by live video monitoring systems, especially when paired with fences and signs. It is possible to have the system alert you in real-time if metal thieves compromise your infrastructure. There is a possibility that you can stop the attack before any real harm is done. It may be enough for the video evidence you obtained to convict the perpetrators if you do not.

Using Live Video Monitoring for Apartments

Building owners and managers are responsible for the safety of residents and their buildings. Having video surveillance installed at your apartment is an excellent way to enhance your security.

The use of live video monitoring services is much more effective than using security guards on site. It may be difficult and expensive to hire armed security guards to guard an entire apartment complex, especially if it is very large. Additionally, security guards who you have hired may pose a threat to your property or its occupants. Video monitoring services prove to be a smarter choice when there’s no way to know who to trust. Since remote monitoring occurs live, they can manage everything just as quickly as a guard on the scene. There is no way they can breach your trust.

Using Live Video Monitoring for Industrial Facilities

Security is also important for factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. To prevent equipment and products from being damaged or stolen, your industrial facility needs to be protected. The use of video monitoring services can detect and deter thieves after hours and light-fingered crew members during working hours. Studies have shown that most damage and theft following a break-in occur within minutes. With video surveillance you can get real-time surveillance, so your company can respond much more quickly than with traditional surveillance methods.

Likewise, industrial facilities have a responsibility to their workers. You can detect unsafe practices at your industrial facility through live surveillance monitors, and be alerted of them before an accident occurs. Your business may be able to save a substantial amount of money on legal fees, compensation, and lost productivity.

Using Live Video Monitoring for Schools

Students, teachers, and administrators should feel safe at school. Video monitoring services are a sensible choice for school administrators who can’t have eyes everywhere. If you use a video surveillance monitoring service, you can be alerted as troublesome incidents unfold so you can diffuse them and protect your school’s reputation.

iWatcher Plus Live video surveillance systems can also alert you to vandalism and theft occurring during school hours, overnight, or during school vacation periods. There may be a break between classes, but video monitoring is always on. As a result, they are an important tool for reducing school loss.

Live video monitoring services are powerful tools for protecting businesses in a variety of industries, including yours. With modern businesses facing a range of external and internal threats, increasing security with a video monitoring service makes sense.